Finally, the Power BI app for Windows Mobile is here!

The official Windows Mobile app for Power BI has arrived:) Now we’re able to deliver our Power BI dashboards and reports to our end-users using a Windows Mobile 10 device. Download the new Power BI app here

Below are a couple of nice features included in this Windows Mobile app:

Dashboard overview

If you launch the Power BI app you initially see all the Dashboards that have been shared with you. With a push of a button you can Invite colleagues so they can view your dashboard to!



Pin Dashboards on home screen

To access your favorite dashboards ‘on the fly’ you can pin them om your home screen of your Windows Phone 10 device. In the example below I have easy access (e.g.) to my most used dashboards like Sales demo data and Time Tracking (the hours that I spend on my projects for clients).


Viewing reports

When you click on your dashboard you can view the reports below it, Mobile native controls of your Power BI reports are quite nice, you can spin the wheel below and it feels really natural. I couldn’t find drill down controls to view your data in depth, but perhaps this is on the roadmap to be implemented.


Windows Mobile 10 app is catching up to other mobile platforms, the Windows 10 app will also be a universal app

Currently the feature set of the Power BI app for Windows Mobile 10 is actually a bit behind the same Power BI apps that Microsoft has released for iOS / Android devices. Microsoft released their iOS and Android apps earlier to reach more end-user mobile devices (prioritized on current phone market share).

The features discussed in this article are available for all three OS platforms. However, the Windows app will be a universal app so you can view the same info on any Windows 10 device (computer, tablet, phone).

In the future, Microsoft will integrate Cortana into the Windows app so you can ask Cortana a question on your phone easily deliver reports to your Windows mobile device.

In conclusion

Stay connected and view your data, any place, any time with the new generation of Power BI mobile apps, download the Power BI apps for your favorite device today!





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